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I Want To Write A Book!

In the beginning I wrote and I wrote and I wrote, naively existing in my little world of what I thought a writer’s life would be. I loved pulling words together and growing characters and dare I own to it, I discovered I had a penchant for the steamy scenes. I loved focusing on the writing, but quickly learned there were blogs to create and write, writing organizations to join and meet those fabulous people, then to read what they were posting and writing and networks to build, conferences to attend, where there was more networking and pitches – oh did I mention the pitches. The pitches were exciting but nerve wracking, all at the same time and the pitches needed query letters and synopses and more submissions. Then there was the desperate need for therapy (or a fabulous friend) who was prepared to talk you off the ledge after the succinct rejection email. Writing meetings, more networking and wonderful writing retreats, followed by meeting more delightful people. There was also the research, the research on your characters, research on publishers, agents, fees, contracts and then still more reading of fellow writer’s blogs in the name of yet more research. There is personality management and self-esteem self-talks. Self-promotion, the shameless self-promotion would make even the most self-assured person wince, not missing an opportunity to pepper social media in order to get your name out there. #ColletteKelly or Insta Collette_KellyAuthor or FB /ColletteKellySupporter/Join, share, love me dammit! I learned early on that I was USELESS at Twitter and I barely fought my way out of the suction grip of Pinterest – vowing to never return, for fear of not finding my way out again. Even selecting my domain was a challenging decision, do I appeal to the international stage by .com or do I fly my South African flag high with For the love of peter rabbit … I just want to friggen write!

Like the Romance Writer I am, I had a very romantic concept of what being a writer was all about, but this is the “business” of “writing a book” and all are really important factors. Over and above the actual writing and doing all the things above right, there is definitely a bucket some luck involved in getting a book published. But this consuming, fanciful world of being a writer is a wonderful adventure, the people are amazing and I have found the local writers both generous of knowledge and spirit.

For me it always comes back to the same thing … do what you love and your soul will soar!

Much Love …

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