Kindling An Old Flame

I’ve discovered that I am a chronic multi-tasker!  I’m really bad.  If I am not doing 4 things at once, I am thinking about doing 4 things at once.  I’m happiest when I am writing and all the machines in the house or the office, are working at the same time.  I tell myself it has something to do with efficiency but I can hear my mother’s voice reminding me (with just the slightest pinch of admonishment) that writing can be done when my chores are finished.  Even now as an adult(‘ish).  Like writing is some kind of hobby or past-time.

In my previous post I shared how my love for reading was rekindled when I was a teen, how it all began.  I’m not sure which behaviour reinforced which behaviour, but now I find I read incredibly slow.  My reading speed is not great, as friends who have loaned me books can attest.  I watch with envy, as friends gobble-up books quickly.  I know, I know, it’s not a competition.

There are a couple of drawback to loving words but being a slow reader, one being that my TBR (To Be Read) pile grows by the hour, of wonderful author friends and other international best sellers across all genres.  Isn’t genre just such a beautiful word … I digress.  The knock-on effect of me reading slowly and not getting through many books is it leaves me unread in writing circles.

But recently I was reminded of a lovely solution.  An old love, one I had adored before, but somehow it got lost in the move … Audio Books!

Almost 20 years ago I was gifted my first Audio Book (back then they were known as “books on tape” I’m showing my age now) and I’m completely slightly embarrassed to say that I couldn’t see the value in listening to a book at the time and I might have said that to the gift giver at the time (I’m hanging my head in shame).  At the time I was spending H.O.U.R.S. in the kitchen washing and sterilizing baby bottles, a thought popped into my head, why not listen to that audiobook.  Well MOTHERBUFFER!  I was completely hooked!  Thereafter, many a wonderful hour was spent in the kitchen or stuck in my car in traffic on my daily commute to and from the office, listening to Yesterday I Cried or The Celestine Prophecy or Anatomy Of The Spirit.  I also found that when you are in the car, the audiobook has a captive audience, almost a private “reading”.  You are sealed into the reading chamber, for want of an expression.

Then about four years ago I hooked up with an awesome writing community ROSA .  And all of those lovely women create new books (some multiples) every year, and now there is new reading material to read.  I want to read their work, because I want to learn from them, support them and read their styles, particularly when a specific book is being discussed, but quickly I fell behind on my TBR pile, raising my apprehension level for our next meeting, when asked if I had read something hot at the moment, I would have had to say no.

At our year end ROSA writing event in 2017, one of our well published writers gifted us all with one of her titles on Audio.  My soul did a happy dance and my hips might have gotten involved too!

So slipping the cd into my car stereo – I sat in my garage for the first couple of minutes remembered the wonderful sensation of “reading” a title through sound.  Now, all of a sudden, I want to drive for hours, sadly my date with Bryce and Bronwyn was in instalments and I was forced to make any excuse to get in my car, you wouldn’t think petrol was an expensive, exhaustible resource.  But in love I was and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed audio books!  As the CD’s were consumed, I found myself getting gloomy, because I was coming to the end of Natasha Anders’ – A Husbands Regret .  Fortunately I managed to borrow another, so I have a nice new fresh set of CD’s in the car, ready for my next solo car journey.

While I adore listening to audiobooks because I enjoy listening to a great story, something to do with a time before 24/7, 1000 TV channels, with multiple options to stream, when we were glued to the wireless (kidding) radio, listening to soapies until mom shouted from another room, GO TO SLEEP!  Just 5 more minutes’ mom!  Those were great times and wonderful memories.  But the huge advantage for me to listening to Audiobooks, is that I can get through more titles now, doing both reading and listening.  I can finally get some traction on that TBR pile.

Audios do wonderful things to me … they make me happy and they make me feel efficient (enter the eternal chronic Multi-Tasker).  There is no getting away from it, readers (and writers) love the feel of a real book in our hands – it’s tactile, a physical thing, something to grasp and love but like all things twenty-first century, technology moves us forward and audio has its place. In my car … and a sexy little place it is too!

TBR pile … I’m on to you!

So Much Love …
Collette Kelly

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